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Large storage tank, inverted assembling method

   inversion method is a common method of installation construction of large storage tank storage tanks, there are many kinds of process and equipment, but one of the most advanced, most reliable, most vigorous when the number of inversion method for hydraulic lifting technique. The technology is built buildings in Beijing science and Technology Research Institute (formerly build a Research Institute) in 1993, developed, and had passed a technical appraisal of cscec, expert opinion: chlorhydric acid tank tank step hydraulic lifting device for domestic initiatives, large storage tanks storage tanks the upsidedown with hydraulic lifting device and process with international advanced level. 1994 the technology was listed as science and technology achievement key promotion project in 1995, and as State-level science and technology achievement key promotion project. Through the years has been the formation of a "large storage tanks storage tanks the upsidedown hydraulic lift technology", "across the communications tower, double floor construction technology of integral hydraulic lifting" technology.

large storage tank storage tank Flip method (or steel mast, and communications tower and steel pointed Tower,) with hydraulic upgrade construction sets technology is has SQD-160-100s.f pine cassette Jack (hosted force 16t, hydraulic trip 100mm) for subject, distribution to different model of hydraulic pumping station and hydraulic pipeline system, accessories, composition large storage tank storage tank (or steel mast, and communications tower and steel pointed Tower,) hydraulic upgrade construction equipment, can applies Yu large storage tank (vault storage tank tank storage tank, and floating top storage tank Tank and internal floating roof storage tank storage tanks, steel masts, towers and steel spires) lifting construction.

principles of hydraulic lifting

hydraulic lifting devices (equipment) uniformly distributed in the tank, tank wall circumference, lifting tank tank top and the upper storage tank storage tanks (first layer) siding, and then layered the walls of the welded storage tanks storage tanks. Used since lock type hydraulic jack and upgrade frame, and upgrade Rod composition of hydraulic upgrade machine, dang hydraulic jack into oil Shi, through its Shang card head card tight and lifted upgrade rod and expansion circle, to led storage tank storage tank body (including storage tank storage tank top) up upgrade; Dang Jack back oil Shi, its Shang card head with piston rod return, at its Xia card head automatically card tight upgrade Rod not fell, Jack so repeatedly movement makes upgrade rod with storage tank storage tank tank body constantly rose, until scheduled of height (empty out Xia a layer Board of height). After the next wall plate butt welding, open the upper and lower hydraulic jack pine device, loosen the Chuck will raise up and down and packing down to the next lower wall plate tension, good welding transfer rib, then upgrade. And so forth, which have already been welded storage tanks storage tanks rise, until the last level of wall panel welding is completed, the entire storage tank storage tanks installed.

characteristics of hydraulic lift features

the upsidedown construction of hydraulic lifting for large storage tank storage tanks have the following characteristics:

1. smooth hydraulic lift, safe, and reliable. As a result of hydraulic control, and a single or partial (a few) adjustments, and thus the entire process smooth. Characteristics structure the song cassette Jack, good determines its locking, no tanks or heavy objects falling is caused due to power failure or falling, hydraulic lifting process is secure and reliable.

2. construction quality assurance. Loose Jack with adjustable cassette (slight decrease), lifting height can be more precise control. For these reasons, thus the tank welding quality assurance.

3. easy operation, construction environment, and high efficiency.

4. equipment adaptability. The complete set of hydraulic hoist for as long as the increase or decrease in (that is, loose cassette Jack, lifting racks, lifting bar) number can be applied to thousands of cubic metres to tens of thousands of cubic meters of different volumes of large storage tank storage tanks (steel or steel masts, towers and spires) hydraulic lift construction.

hydraulic pump station according to the actual conditions, set in a reasonable location. For large storage tank storage tanks, and hydraulic pump station can be placed inside tank can also be placed in storage tanks storage tanks outside or between two storage tanks storage tanks (when two tank tank tank installation control system consists of a pump station) is applied to the construction.

Manual and automatic control of hydraulic pump station two, strong adaptability of its construction, the technical characteristics of the excellent price-performance ratio is very obvious.

5. short construction period, low cost and good economic returns. Due to the high degree of modernization of equipment to enhance the speed and low cost of construction, good economic returns.

in short, the technology does have a convenient and centralized control, easy to operate, safe and reliable (no less than), precise control of the welding seam gap and heavy loads lifting lever height advantage of ensuring engineering quality, and can save labor, reduce costs, significant economic benefits.

application profiles

reached the international advanced level of large storage tank storage tanks the upsidedown construction technology of hydraulic lift, by the petroleum, chemical, building and construction industry welcomes. From 1993 up has widely application Yu Beijing East chemical plant, and Nanjing Yang child petrochemical company, and Tianjin Jin country oil transportation company, and Shanghai Takahashi chemical plant, and Shanghai International Airport, and Shanghai refinery factory, and Jiujiang Petrochemical Corporation, and Dalian Western Pacific petrochemical company, and liaohe oilfield, and Shenyang, and Shenzhen, and Yumen, and Daqing, and Anhui, and Jiangsu, and Zhejiang, and Fujian, and Hunan, and Shaanxi, provinces, and Sri Lanka, and Singapore, country of thousands Taiwan various type of steel business of thousands of cubic metres to tens of thousands of cubic metres storage tank storage tank of hydraulic upgrade construction. The technology could be used not only the installation of new storage tanks storage tanks can also be used in the reconstruction of the old storage tanks storage tanks, but can also be used for high-rise building of steel masts or hydraulic lift at the spires and towers of steel construction.



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