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Influence factor analysis of the tank

&Nbsp;     localization of tank design crafts whether economy or security implied a strong winner and feasibility, and believe in the future about the growth of large LNG storage tank technology will soon form their own set of design standards. Natural gas low pressure or low pressure storage system due to its high efficiency, saving, storing easily such as large scale interest in liquefied natural gas LNG receiving terminals, natural gas liquefaction plants and city gas peak have been increasingly used in the system. , Light weight, low cost, installation, removal of aluminium internal floating roof of all parts are made of aluminum alloy, very refined in the handling process.
    abroad at present large scale tank top design: United States Petroleum Institute scale of the welded steel oil tank of the APL and of the large welded low pressure storage tanks, construction of the APL; Japan industrial scale of the structure of welded steel oil tank jisb8; United Kingdom national scale made of welded steel oil tank of petroleum industry BS. Welding and thermal processing after an error! Determines a bookmark. Specifically, designers should follow the design of the pressure vessel mission specific requirements, follow the basic rules or norms of design work, temperance, structural details and materials, manufacturing processes, honed and quality management of rules and scale as much as possible.
    application craft small and medium LNG state storage tank Jason Mao Xuedong Wang Mingfu Zhou Kaisong (Beijing space launches craft Institute Beijing 17 Summary: from General and local structure, and design care and engineering drawings, several aspects Pro LNG state storage tank of design for has introduced, summary has some related aspects of design points and focused on matters, and on low temperature LNG state storage tank of design and current research hot do has must look. Enforcement of equipment choice most responding, can be directly used for design design premise equipment parts, there are some device is not responding, selecting suitable non-standard equipment. While the primary links in the present cubic respond in large tank design ... Present situation of Chinese LNG development in recent years, China's LNG business to add soon. M tank made of aluminum are used in floating roof. LNG flammable perlite as a good reflection effects can be useful to weaken radiation explosive if the bleeding is likely to open flame and hot. Flange logo sign flag: dn3-n. Single pass and multi-pass welding thermal cycle sample respectively for low-temperature impact test, microstructural analysis and experimental study on impact fracture analysis. End until 7 months previously, only Peru a million tonnes a year of liquefied natural gas projects to get through. Concrete construction of the Fujian LNG project xmlng diguoqing links outside the concrete tank construction site case depart from the concrete CAP, wall, tank dome and prestressing construction of analyzes and summarizes large low temperature LNG storage tank control points in construction of concrete outer tank.


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