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Steel tanks lined with plastic research and development history

      steel lining plastic storage tank is in Shang century 90 Middle development of anti-corrosion products, products is with roll plastic process in steel business storage tank within lined polyethylene layer reached must of anti-corrosion effect, development early through homemade research, from steel network (tortoise shell), and lining plastic layer, and Guan Kou, aspects for has long time times development, products quality gradually improve and stable, this lining plastic process has been extended has. Steel tank which is lined with plastic stencil (shells) welded to the steel surface with polyethylene as raw materials, using rotational molding process a whole lined with plastic molding on the steel surface, steel net (shells) as one and steel mesh welding in steel and polyethylene surface, making it difficult for PE out of the steel surface.

      steel tanks lined with plastic products applicable to chemicals, pesticides, rare earth, metallurgy, food, brewing and other industries, for 100 ℃ below the low pressure storage tanks, fermentation tanks, tanks, receiving tanks, settling tanks, the dilution tank, medium tank, immersion tanks, tank, reactor, Ion-Exchange columns, and so on, by the majority of users.

steel tanks lined with plastic products in place to replace the stainless steel tank equipment, thus reducing the cost of storage tank equipment. Stainless steel prices, steel-lined plastic storage tank facilities are very popular. We produce steel lining plastic tanks, steel tanks lined with plastic, steel mixing tanks lined with plastic, steel-lined plastic reaction vessel, chemical storage tank industry for China's Yuan has contributed!

steel lining plastic storage tank compared and plastic storage tank, in production in the no using any additives, and plastic filler, completely by this company unique formula modified sex increased polyethylene (PE) material processing making and into, from storage tank tank body to access material mouth, and people hole, and flange, are for overall once forming no welding sewing, so storage tank also has no welding sewing, and not leakage, and nontoxic sex, and weight light, and anti-aging, and anti-impact, and resistance corrosion, and life long, and meet health standard, advantages, steel lining plastic storage tank price below steel lining plastic storage tank, and Ordinary glass, polypropylene tank, PVC tank tank, long service life under natural conditions.


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