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Shandong days China storage tank limited in 80 generation late introduced international Shang advanced of spin plastic production process, first development has various large full plastic transportation slot tank series and anti-corrosion storage tank, storage tank, and stainless steel storage tank, and vertical storage tank, and lined glass storage tank, and plastic storage tank, and horizontal storage tank, and no bacteria storage tank, and steel lining plastic storage tank, and polyethylene storage tank, and steel lining reaction Kettle, and recycling Tower, and chemical Tower, and precipitation slot, and electrolytic slot, and steel lining plastic storage tank, and ammonia storage tank, and hydrochloride storage tank. Anticorrosion equipment mostly polyethylene (PE) as raw materials, high pressure and low density polyethylene and high-density polyethylene was carried out. Ensures corrosion resistant equipment strength and ensures stiffness. Therefore has a molded (seamless), high strength, corrosion-resistant, impermeable, lightweight, anti-aging, impact resistant, nontoxic, long life and other characteristics of anti-corrosion engineering anti-corrosion equipment. Suitable for most inorganic and organic chemical liquid storage and transportation, corrosion resistance and strength greatly superior to fiberglass products, a fiberglass replacement for upgraded products, and replace it in the context of a large stainless steel, nickel, titanium and other materials, a new generation of safe, efficient, low-cost corrosion resistant equipment.

quality first, reputation first, service first, is the company's goal. Our advanced technology and modern management tools into the world as a whole. To meet the needs of users, to provide users with high-quality products. My company has a precipitation tank and tank corrosion, steel lining plastic tanks, tank of ammonia and hydrochloric acid tank corrosion and anticorrosion of equipment works, is domestic production of anti-corrosion equipment variety, one of the specifications than the whole. Company has an outstanding technical team, to provide users with high quality and high price of the precipitation tank, tank corrosion, steel lining plastic tanks ammonia tanks, chlorhydric acid tank anticorrosion equipment and engineering products, to provide users with the fastest service at any time.

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